Looxcie 3 gets a new, square design so you can stream video from your kid's chest

Action cams typically go hand-in-hand with the dudebros risking life and limb for adrenaline, and are named to match. Looxcie's target demo's a bit different. Beyond embracing the pun (and creative spelling) at its utmost, the company's new Looxcie 3 aims to get even more wearable with a squarish design that weighs just 1.3 ounces. And if the Looxcie 3's promo shots are any indication, the company's hoping you'll strap this video streamer to your kid's chest and share that whimsy over WiFi (in 480p) live to Facebook. Or record and edit captured 720p video and stills from your smartphone (Android and iOS are both supported). The $100 compact cam supports microSD expansion up to 64GB so you should have plenty of space to keep the cherished memories (or banal moments) stored. You can order the Looxcie 3 now at the link below, but just FYI, the kid leashes are sold separately.