Recon reworks its heads-up display tech with the Snow2

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Joseph Volpe
November 18, 2013 7:37 PM
Recon reworks its heads-up display tech with the Snow2

We still have to wait and see what wearable fruit Intel's investment in Recon will bear -- and by "fruit," we mean Google Glass competitor. In the meantime, Recon's got a new HUD display for fans of snow on mountains and hurtling down said mountains. Just don't call the Snow2 a refresh or an update. According to Recon, it's a revision of its last HUD tech for skiers and snowboarders, although just like last time out, this improved HUD's made to work with Oakley, Uvex, Alpina, Scott and other ski wear makers. The device's internals have been beefed up with a dual-core CPU, support for WiFi a/b/g/n, better battery (about 35 percent longer-lasting) and a dedicated GPU for improved graphics visibility. The real beauty of Recon's new HUD, which is available sans goggles for $400, is the data it beams straight to your face. Everything from stats on your downhill performance to slope navigation and even the location of friends can be viewed on the display. The Snow2's made to work with both Android and iOS, but its "Made for iPhone" certification means you're better off shredding the gnar with an iDevice in pocket.

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