Daily iPhone App: Survival GPS app is the Swiss Army knife of compass app

One of the great things about a Swiss Army knife is that it is packed full of helpful tools, yet it still remains easy to use. This combination of simplicity and utility is one of the reasons why I like the Survival GPS app.

The Survival GPS app gives you a bunch of tidbits of data that'll help you get your bearing whether you are in the woods or on a city street. In its very functional layout, the app shows you your precise GPS coordinates, altitude, speed and course/bearing. There's also a compass with two buttons that allow you to switch between magnetic and true north. If you need a more concrete view of your surroundings, you can launch a map that shows your location using a road, satellite or hybrid view.

Like any good survival tool kit, there is a button for a flashlight and a slider that allows you to set the light to strobe at different speeds. This strobe light is useful if you want to get someone's attention, especially in the dark. The app has an SMS feature that'll send your coordinates via text messaging. This could be a lifesaver if you find yourself lost in an unfamiliar area and need help from friends or family.

Survival GPS packs a handful of useful location features into a lightweight, easy-to-use app. It is available in the iOS App Store for US$0.99.