China's Tencent will offer 10TB of free cloud storage to attract US users

Getting wind that users of Tencent's Chinese-language cloud service have 10TB of free storage made many drool, but soon there'll be no need for envy. Peter Zheng, one of the company's vice presidents, announced last weekend that the complimentary storage setup is bound for the US and will likely be available in early 2014, PandoDaily reports. If you're not familiar with the offer, folks who sign up for one of the firm's QQ accounts and download its mobile cloud app score 1TB of gratis space, which will balloon closer to 10TB as needed. Sure, the idea of handing terabytes of your data to a foreign firm in an era of privacy concerns doesn't inspire confidence, but the outfit has plans to earn your trust: Zheng says your bits will likely be stored in servers outside of China. Can't wait for the freebie to make its way stateside? Tencent hopes to keep you distracted with the US launch of its Instagram-like image app, Story Camera, within two to three weeks.