The PS4's 500GB HDD compared with an SSD, SSHD


Tested got its hands on a PS4 and switched out its standard 500GB hard drive for two new drives: a 250GB Samsung solid-state drive (SSD) for $175 and a 1TB Seagate hybrid drive (SSHD) for $110. Both performed better than the in-console drive, with the SSD shaving off the most loading time and the SSHD close behind.

Loading a campaign from the menu in Killzone: Shadow Fall, for example, took the default drive 60 seconds, the SSHD 42 seconds and the SSD 39 seconds.

The SSD performed the best, but it only has 250GB of space, and larger SSDs can cost upwards of $350, Tested noted. The site recommended the SSHD as the best hard drive for your buck.