Toshiba's new Kira Ultrabook promises 22 hours of use on a single charge

We praised Toshiba's last flagship Ultrabook for its brilliant screen and speedy boot-up time, but the company's newest Kirabook has a notable new feature -- an estimated 22 hours of battery life. Intel's new Haswell chips may have shifted our expectations of what we expect laptops can deliver battery-wise, but almost running a whole day remains an impressive feat. That's Toshiba's claim for its new Dynabook KIRA V654, which sidesteps touch compatibility on its 13-inch 1,366 x 768 resolution screen to add to the battery savings and weighs in at just 1.12kg. Alongside an additional high-resolution model (2,560 x 1,440), if you simply must have swipeable screens on your Windows 8 machine, there's also the similarly-sized Dynabook Kira V834, although that model will only manage a paltry 14 hours of work and / or play. (We kid.)

The two machines will launch in Japan on 20th November, with the touch-capable V834 starting at 153,000 yen ($1,530), while the endurance-specialized V634 will start at 144,000 yen (roughly $1,446). As is often the way with these made-in-Japan PCs, there's no word on whether the rest of the world will get to see either model yet, but we'll let you know if we hear anything from Toshiba.