Tweetbot for Mac updates to 1.4, but doesn't gain slick interface the iOS version has

If you're hoping the updated version of Tweetbot for Mac will include the interface overhaul that recently graced its iOS sibling, you'll be disappointed.

There are several items in the 1.4 build of Tweetbot that will be useful to OS X Mavericks users, however. There's smoother scrolling and the ability to reply to tweets and direct messages from the app's notifications. Tweetbot now will correctly recognize computers being on WiFi when location services are turned on.

Other fixes include squashing various bugs involved with using secondary windows, timeline searches and more.

But I was hoping to see Tweetbot get updated to the slicker interface that's now in Tweetbot 3 on the iPhone. Developers most likely will port that out to the iPad before overhauling the Mac version. I am curious to see how Tapbots will handle such a major upgrade for the Mac client. With major versions of the iOS apps, users have been asked to purchase the upgrades to 2.0 and now 3.0. But with a US$19.99 price point for the Mac, I find it hard to believe that users would swallow that price tag twice.

Would you pay another $20 for Tweetbot 2 on the Mac? Let us know in the comments.