Samsung Galaxy Mega coming to MetroPCS on November 25th, for $399 at launch

Samsung's other behemoth of a smartphone, the Galaxy Mega, is most definitely not one of the newest on the block. Still, we can't imagine why MetroPCS users would complain about having yet another Android device to choose from. Starting November 25th, the carrier is making the 6.3-inch handset available on its network, complete with LTE support (where available) and a $399 price tag at launch. It's worth mentioning that the MSRP is actually $499, but in the spirit of the holidays, MetroPCS is marking it at $100 less to kick things off -- new customers, meanwhile, can get it for as low as $349. You'll be able to snag one for yourself online or from the nearest brick-and-mortar store -- if big, really big smartphones are your thing, that is.