iPhone 6 concept with wrap-around screen has no basis in reality, but it's still gorgeous

We've seen plenty of unsourced chatter about a future iPhone with an edge-to-edge display, but this video from YouTuber ConceptsiPhone pushes things over the edge -- literally. With a screen that bends a cool 90 degrees at the edge, it's one of the user designs least likely to ever actually claw its way into existence, but that doesn't mean it's not dead sexy to gawk at.

But this idea isn't all flash; there's plenty of function here as well. Along with the established volume controls, the side of the screen features shortcuts to the built-in flashlight, alarm, calculator and camera apps, along with music controls. It's an elegant solution to controlling some oft-used features more quickly, but the chances of it materializing are about as likely as Apple launching an iWatch twice the size of the goliath Galaxy Gear.