FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler backtracks, says he's against in-flight voice calls

When FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler confirmed the agency's proposal to lift the ban on in-flight voice calls, he also issued a statement that sounded like he favored the change. According to AP, that didn't sit well with a bunch of folks , and the FCC's phones rang off the hook with complaints -- one representative even called him a "wireless lobbyist." Well, it looks like that's caused the chairman's quick change of heart: while he previously called the agency's rules "outdated and restrictive," he now agrees with passengers who'd prefer that cellular services remain banned on planes. If you were one of those who got excited at the prospect of making calls in the air, though, don't feel bad that Wheeler doesn't have your back anymore. In a new statement on FCC's website, he says that even if the agency lifts the ban, it's still the carriers that'll have to decide whether to adopt the policy and allow voice connectivity.