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Nokia Lumia 1520 reaches the UK on December 6th, starting at £80 on a £38 per month plan

Brits who've been yearning for the Nokia Lumia 1520 will soon get their chance. The supersized Windows Phone is now due to reach the UK on December 6th, when it will be available through O2 at retail and Vodafone through the web. Third-party retailers like Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u will also stock the 6-inch flagship. While the exact pricing will vary, Vodafone will sell the phone for £80 when it's attached to a £38 per month plan and a 2-year contract; it will be available for free if you subscribe to a beefy £47 plan. The 1520 will undoubtedly be one of the more expensive handsets in the country, then, but it may be worthwhile for those who want one of Nokia's most powerful devices.