Lumen Bluetooth smartbulb challenges Philips Hue to offer app-controlled home lighting

The smartbulb throne isn't exactly the most exciting one to occupy, but Philips Hue has its fair share of challengers, such as the freshly released Bluetooth-controlled Lumen. Similar to Hue, you can tweak not only the bulb's color, but also its intensity. In addition, several modes come baked into the light source, including one that programs the Lumen to flash whenever a call comes in, and another that syncs its effects with music. Unlike Philips' fancy bulbs, though, the device doesn't need a WiFi hub to work -- it connects directly to an iOS or Android device loaded with its companion app. What's more, its creators claim the product consumes only one-sixth of the energy a 40W bulb does despite emitting comparable light. If a Bluetooth-connected bulb intrigues you -- even though the idea itself isn't new -- you can now snatch the Lumen online or from various retailers for $70.