Star Citizen reaches $31 million, no wait, make that $32 million

The stack of cash crowdsourced by Chris Roberts' upcoming space epic, Star Citizen, continues to grow, with the latest tally putting the game over the $32 million mark.

As with all new Star Citizen milestones, topping $32 million means that Roberts Space Industries has unveiled a new ship to be included in the game. This time around the reward is the Aegis Surveyor, an "industrial-quality salvage ship" designed for deep-space exploration and the salvage of derelict ships. It's low on firepower, but comes equipped with heavily reinforced hulls making it ideal for transporting large amounts of cargo that you'd rather not see blown to pieces in the inky void of space.

Devoted Joystiq readers will notice that we seemingly stopped keeping close tabs on the sum raised by Star Citizen in September, when the game topped $18 million. Not because the game's crowdsourced success is unimpressive, but because Star Citizen continues to break new funding goals on a daily basis. Only three days ago the game was breaking the $29 million mark, and it's now well on its way to $33 million.