Old G.I. Joes get reassembled to create action figures for classic Activision titles

What's the best way to celebrate classic games? Well, Chicago artist and writer Dan Polydoris decided to build a collection of action figures based on Activision games for the Atari 2600. To do so, Polydoris employed parts from his library of old G.I. Joe action figures. The results? Pitfall Harry, Roderick Hero, Frostbite Bailey, Officer Kelly and Short-Order Sam from the titles Pitfall!, H.E.R.O., Frostbite, Keystone Kapers and Pressure Cooker now reside in stellar retro-styled packaging. "I specifically chose Activision games due to their particularly memorable characters and recognizable box aesthetic" Polydoris said, mentioning that he only took "minor liberties" with items like boots, gloves and belts. Jump down to the source for a breakdown of what pieces from the fallen Joes were used in each and a look at the individual packaging.