MyFourWalls is a great Mac app for home interior design and planning

MyFourWalls is a great Mac app for home interior design and planning

Often during the holidays people begin to think about updating their home, their furniture, or just rearranging. MyFourWalls (U.S. $29.99) for Mac may be just the ticket to help you visualize those changes. The app contains some intuitive tools to set your exterior and interior walls in place, elect carpeting and ceiling material, then start to populate your room with chairs, couches, tables, bookshelves etc. until you have the room built. There's everything from Flat Screen TVs to component shelves, office furniture, and kitchen equipment. You drag what you want into the room, and size it accurately with the handy guides. Once your things are in, their dimensions can be adjusted. Thinking about a new lamp. MyFourWalls let's you insert a lamp or lighting fixtures, and see the effect in the room.

Views can be overhead 2D or a very nice 3D rendering, and you can move wherever you want to really get an idea how the room will look. I could duplicate my family room quite easily, and adjustments were easy. If you get stuck, there is a handy and complete help guide just a click away.

MyFourWalls is not really a CAD program, but it is great for visualizing how a room will look or change. The views can be day or night, and you can have any number of floors to your home. You can also import photos or objects and use them.

MyFourWalls is clever, useful and worked well without my diving into the help pages. If you are considering changes in the house it's a great tool for visualization. It's not a 5 dollar app by any means, but for all that it does it is reasonably priced and is easy to use.

The app supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It requires iOS 10.6.6 or later.