Daily iPhone App: Pick - The Purchase Tracker is a tool for calculating and tracking discounts

Pick is a shopping assistant that'll allow you to track your purchases and calculate your savings. It's a simple, yet effective app to help you make wise buying decisions this holiday shopping season.

Pick allows you to do two primary things while shopping. First, it allows you to enter in the purchase price of an item, apply a percentage discount and then calculate the amount you would end up paying. You can quickly determine whether you should buy the $15 shirt at L.L. bean that is 20% off or the $20 Lands Ends shirt that's 16 % off.

Secondly, the app will keep a running list of all the items you purchase so you can tally up your spending and your savings at the end of a shopping trip. If you are traveling, Pick has a built-in currency converter so you can track how much you spend in both your native and the foreign currency.

Pick is a small app, but useful for discount shoppers. It's also a helpful tool for those who make purchases while they are traveling on business or vacation. Pick is available for US$0.99 from the iOS App Store.