Facebook's News Feed: now with more relevant and oft-commented articles, fewer meme photos

Ahh, News Feed, the lifeblood of Facebook, a river rife with baby and puppy pictures, plus countless status updates and shared articles. Today, Facebook has updated the Feed once again to percolate more (and more relevant) news article in your feed. Why the change? As usual, you, the users have informed the Social Network of the need to do so through your clicks -- which told FB that most folks would rather see content about current events and favorite sports teams than the latest third-party meme photo making the rounds. And, your Feed will also start showing up to three related articles to ones that are shared to make it easier to dive deeper into article topics you enjoy. Lastly, Facebook will uprank articles that garner a lot of comments, so that you'll know exactly what stories are so hot right now. You dig? There's more about Facebooks News Feed decision-making process at the source below.