Jane Austen-inspired MMO 'Ever, Jane' uses gossip as a weapon

If you ever wanted to tell Mr. Darcy to take a long walk off a short cliff, here's your chance. Ever, Jane, an MMO based in Jane Austen's universe, has been successfully funded, closing with $109,563 of a requested $100,000 on Kickstarter.

In Ever, Jane, the main weapon is gossip; players will live and die by how the strict social hierarchy perceives their actions. The game includes traditional RPG stats such as strength, dexterity and intelligence, and a party invitation system allows players to alter their reputations. If a person of a higher status accepts your invitation, your status goes up, but whether it was accepted out of duty or happiness determines how much of a boost you'll get. If the invitation is rejected, your status drops. It sounds like a lot of smack talk, manipulation and false flattery. Ah, high school.

The prototype is available to download now for PC and Mac, free for at least another two weeks while developer 3 Turn Productions wraps up Kickstarter things. The studio is headed up by Judy Tyrer, former Lead Engineer at Sony Online Entertainment and Senior Engineering Manager at Linden Labs, where she worked on Second Life. Ever, Jane is 3 Turn's first attempt at turning historically accurate, literary worlds into digital reality.