Daily iPad App: The Elements in Action brings the periodic table to life

The Elements in Action takes a visual look at the periodic table, bringing the metals and gasses to life with engaging videos. It's an interesting look at the elements from BAFTA award winner Max Whitby and Theodore Gray, author of the popular book and app The Elements. The content is top-notch, taken from footage originally available only at museums.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the Elements in Action app is its strong visual UI. Every element in the periodic table is literally bursting with activity, displaying a teaser video that illustrates each element's unique properties or uses.

When you click on an element, you can watch a short video that showcases a unique property of the element. An accompanying description provides you with some interesting facts on that element and how it is used in the real world. Did you know that rhenium melts at 3,000°C and is used along with nickel to make turbine blades for jets? The array of information runs the gamut from details on passenger aircraft to the composition of body piercings. There are also a handful of not-so-everyday explosions.

The only complaint I have about the app is its promotion of the developer's other app, The Elements for iPad. When you click on a 3D model in each element's description, you are not shown the 3D model; instead you are prompted to buy The Elements app for the iPad.

The Elements in Action is available from the iOS App Store for US$3.99.