iOS 7 hits 70% adoption rate in North America

After only two months of availability, iOS 7 is now running on 70 percent of iOS devices in North America, according to online ad network Chitika. Considering it took iOS 6 six months to hit an 83 percent adoption rate, this signals very good news for Apple as iOS 7 will likely surpass that number in half the time -- and could be well on its way to that mark now as Chitika's current data is already two weeks old.

To get iOS 7's adoption rate, Chitika examined 300 million US and Canadian ad impressions on its network from October 25 to November 18. Beside an overall adoption rate of just above 70 percent on all iOS devices, the company found iOS 7 has a slightly higher adoption rate on iPhones (75 percent) than on iPads (64 percent). As for other iOS versions, iOS 6 is still running on 22 percent of iPhones; while iOS 5 is on 2.6 percent; iOS 4 is on just less than 1 percent; and iOS 3 is on 0.1 percent.