Google now lets you download your Gmail and Calendar data

Sure, if you delve far back enough into your Gmail history, you'll likely find some conversations you've been happy to forget, but remembering that job offer/email from grandpa/successful eBay bid is sure to brighten your day. Starting today, Google's rolling out the ability to export copies of your Gmail data in the MBOX format for backing up or moving to another service. And this new feature isn't just for nostalgia's sake; if you're transitioning to a new mail platform, you'll also appreciate that you can export Google Calendar info, in addition to preserving relevant Gmail correspondence.

You can choose to download your entire inbox or narrow it down to particular labels -- the same goes for calendars; pick which ones you'd like or select them all. And if you want a thorough documentation of your history across Google products, you can also download an archive file that includes your data across Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube. Several of Mountain View's products are already downloadable via Takeout, but today's announcement adds much more functionality to that service. Hit up the source link below for more info.