Smart Power Strip now works with SmartThings WiFi hub to keep your home always connected

If you couldn't tell by its name alone, the Smart Power Strip's a card-carrying member of the 'internet of things' or, for those of you without jargon translators, 'connected devices.' The current Kickstarter project (and recent Insert Coin semifinalist) is nearing the final throes of its funding goal and to sweeten the pot for potential backers, its creators have announced SmartThings compatibility. We know... that's a lot of 'smart' being thrown around. Allow us to explain. SmartThings is essentially a remote-controlled WiFi hub that monitors and governs all of the (wait for it) smart things, like the thermostat or lighting, around your house. The Smart Power Strip does just the same, granting users access to plugged in objects via a smartphone app. It's easy to see why the two would want to link up in an happily ever internetted world. But buyer beware: you'll have to specifically elect to receive a SmartThings compatible Smart Power Strip when you back the project, otherwise you're in for a plain 'ol intelligent power strip. How very common, we know.