Apple Stores now using iBeacon tracking for app-enhanced personal shopping

While shopping online often means your whims are creepily tracked, at least there's respite in brick-and-mortar retail, right? Actually, following tests at a New York outlet, Apple has just rolled out iBeacon technology that can shadow your every move in all 254 of its US stores -- if you want it to. That's the same system Macy's and Major League Baseball are testing at select locations, which uses Bluetooth frequencies to precisely sense your position. When you stroll past the iPhone table, for instance, the app can detect your upgrade status and price out a newer model or inform you if an order is ready to be picked up. Cupertino also foresees the use of iBeacon in places like museums where information about an artwork could pop up when you're in front of it. If all that makes your privacy antennae twitch, Apple said iBeacon won't work without your say-so and has promised it won't store any tracking information. So, if you're over any trust issues in that regard you can grab the app here.