T-Mobile boosts LTE network speeds in Dallas using MetroPCS spectrum (updated)

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Mariella Moon
December 7th, 2013
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T-Mobile boosts LTE network speeds in Dallas using MetroPCS spectrum (updated)

Hey, North Dallas T-Mobile customer -- that speedier internet connection isn't a figment of your imagination. Just before Thanksgiving, the carrier silently got the ball rolling on its plans to unleash a faster LTE network. To achieve this upgrade, Deutsche Telekom combined its LTE spectrum with that of MetroPCS, which it acquired for $1.5 billion earlier this year. Best of all, T-Mo's improved network doesn't require a device upgrade (unlike Sprint's enhanced LTE service) -- your current one will work just fine. Unfortunately, Magenta's efforts are currently confined to select portions of northern Dallas, but it hopes to eventually roll out its faster LTE network to other top markets in the US.

Update (12/09/13): We reached out to T-Mobile for confirmation, and a spokesperson told us: "T-Mobile has launched Wideband LTE with 20+20 MHz on more than 100 sites in North Dallas, ahead of plans to begin rolling out the technology in 2014. Customers in this area are seeing fantastic performance, and all LTE devices in customers' hands today can benefit as we continue to expand Wideband LTE."

[Image credit: Alex Schwenke / Flickr]

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