Fez sales surpass 1 million

That's a lot of tiny red hats. Fez has sold more than 1 million copies across all platforms – Xbox 360, PC, Mac and Linux – developer Polytron Corporation announced today. In its celebratory post, Polytron thanked everyone:

"Thank you for buying the game! Thank you for stealing it! Thank you for telling your friends about it! Thank you for buying it again when it came out on PC! Thank you for boycotting it so well! Thank you for putting up with the bullshit! Thank you for all your love letters, fan art, cosplays and freakin' tattoos you got, you crazy bastards! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Fez hit XBLA first in April 2012, and we found it to be an absolute joy. It later came to Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, and during two days of the Steam Summer Sale this year, Fez raked up 105,000 sales. Fez is on its way to PS3, Vita and PS4.

A sequel to Fez was announced in June and canceled in July.