Holiday gift ideas for World of Warcraft players

Tis the season for Winter Veil -- or for those of us out here in the real world, a variety of gift-giving holidays. While getting gifts may be as easy as waiting for them to arrive, giving clever gifts that show you care takes a little more thought. It's not too late to start picking out gifts for your loved ones -- and WoW Insider is here to help you out.

Digital goods like pets and mounts may be all well and good, but there's a vast variety of real-world items that are sure to delight anyone on your shopping list as well. If you're a WoW-player looking for gifts for your WoW-playing friends, check out the list we've compiled of cool gift ideas for the holiday season. Alternatively, you can always slip this handy article to your friends and family that are wondering exactly what's on your wish list this season!

Gamer Gear


If you're looking for some new clothes, you might want to check out online retailer J!nx. J!nx specializes in clothing and accessories themed for all kinds of videogames, and they've got a sizeable Warcraft section with t-shirts, hoodies, hats, keychains and much, much more. To top it all off, they've even got Horde and Alliance themed wrapping paper to give your gift the finishing touch. Just make sure you know what faction your friend is allied with -- Horde wrapping paper on an Alliance player's present is a no-no!


It's cold outside, so why not get a fluffy and fetching new hat to keep you warm? Online retailer Spirithoods features animal-themed hats to keep you warm and cozy all winter long. While this may seem like an odd suggestion for a WoW player, keep in mind that they have panda hoods for your pandaren players and wolf hoods for the worgen -- not to mention owl hoods and cat hoods for the druid players in your lives. The hoods come in women's, men's, and kids sizes -- and don't worry, they're all faux fur.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

How about something that smells nice? Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has been whipping up scents inspired by fantasy and sci-fi books, games, comics, mythology, and more for years. In addition to fragrances inspired by The Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, Game of Thrones and Aesop's Fables, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab carries an RPG line which, while not directly Warcraft-themed, carries scents such as Dwarven Ale, Mage, Paladin, Druid and Rogue.

Razer and Steelseries

Enough with the gear to put on yourself -- how about the gear for your computer? Both Razer and Steelseries are notoriously known for having the best of the best when it comes to computer peripherals designed for the best gaming performance you can get out of your PC. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Razer mice, and an equally huge fan of Steelseries keyboards -- but check out both sites at your leisure and you're sure to find a good idea or three for the gamer in your life.

Toys and games

DC Unlimited action figures

The Blizzard store may not be currently selling physical products, but Amazon has a massive selection of Warcraft merchandise, including a wide selection of Warcraft action figures. These aren't your run-of-the-mill action figures -- they're incredibly detailed, sturdy, and make a really great addition to your gamer's desk or den. If you've got a favorite class or a favorite figure in lore, there's a good chance there's an action figure out there for it.

Warcraft Mega Bloks

How about something a little more active than an action figure? Warcraft Mega Bloks are available in a variety of sets, from small figures like a fairly simple to put together orc to the amazingly complex, like the Sha of Anger or a goblin zeppelin. The Mega Bloks sets can be found at most toy retailers, but check out Toys R' Us, where most of the sets are currently on sale.

Warcraft Trivial Pursuit and Warcraft Monopoly

If board games are more your style, Blizzard has released two board games for World of Warcraft. Warcraft Trivial Pursuit features themes and questions about the lore of Warcraft as well as the game itself. In addition, the popular board game Monopoly has a World of Warcraft Collector's Edition that gives everyone's favorite game of property and economy the Warcraft touch. Both games can be found on Amazon.

Books, comics and more

Warcraft novels

Amazon also carries the entire selection of World of Warcraft fiction novels, for gamer friends that are readers as well. In addition to the standard run of WoW fiction, you can also find The Art of Blizzard Entertainment, the World of Warcraft Tribute by Udon Entertainment, and the World of Warcraft Ultimate Visual Guide. And if that's not enough, Amazon also carries the Warcraft graphic novel collections of the various comics that have been released over the years. Wondering what book you should get first? We've got a chronological guide to all that Warcraft fiction right here for you.

2014 Calendar

Want something a little more simple? Blizzard has released a World of Warcraft calendar for 2014. Handy, useful, and Warcraft-themed, in one simple package.

Warcraft sheet music

If you're looking for gifts for a gamer who happens to be a musician, check out Amazon's selection of sheet music. There's sheet music for just about every instrument under the sun, from piano to cello to saxophone and more. Lament of the Highborne, Invincible, Karazhan, the Lion's Pride Inn theme -- all the good songs are there.

Odds and ends

Lootcrate and Nerdblock

They may not be directly Warcraft-themed, but Lootcrate and Nerdblock are pretty much the coolest subscription products you could get your friendly gamer. Each month of the subscription, a box is delivered that contains several nerd and gamer-friendly items like t-shirts and toys. What will you get? It's a surprise! And it also makes checking your mailbox far more entertaining.


Figureprints are still around, and they're still pretty expensive -- but there's nothing that says awesome like a one of a kind, 3D printed sculpture of your WoW gamer's favorite character. Figureprints makes custom statues both full-sized and busts, emblazoned with your character's name and image -- and they sell gift certificates, guaranteeing that your gamer pal can pick the character of their choice.

Warcraft on Etsy

Last but certainly not least, Etsy has a ton -- and I mean a ton -- of handmade arts and crafts. Their selection of Warcraft products is absolutely massive. Clothing, holiday ornaments, coffee cups, jewelry, decals, furniture, toys ... you name it, Etsy likely has it.

Hopefully your holiday shopping will be a little easier with this guide -- but if you have any sites we missed, or ideas we haven't thought of, leave a comment with a link to help out your fellow gamers!