Fiverr goes mobile with a gorgeous iPhone app

Fiverr, the world's largest marketplace for services that are US$5, released its iPhone app today. The app allows you to browse through the available gigs and buy one from the comfort of your iPhone.

As you would expect, the Fiverr app is easy on the eyes. There's a heavy emphasis on the visuals, allowing you to easily see what is being sold in each listing. If it's a graphic designer offering to stylize your logo, you can see an example of their work right on the main page of the app.

When viewing an individual listing, you can view all the details about the gig, including average time to completion and customer reviews. If you find a gig that you like, you can collect it to save it for later or share it via email or Twitter. You can also purchase it via the app and then track your purchases in the shopping section. If you sell a gig through the Fiverr service, you can even monitor your sales through the app.

One drawback to the app -- the syncing of the app to the website is still under development. When you add an item to your collection on the iPhone, it won't sync to your online account. Likewise, the items in your web-based account won't be pulled down to your iPhone. This syncing will go live in an upcoming version, but, for now, what you do on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.

The Fiverr app is available for free. It's a must-have for folks who buy or sell gigs on the service. As part of its launch, Fiverr is giving you a free gig when you purchase your first gig. There's a catch; you have to purchase a gig within the first hour after the app has been downloaded. The free gig will be added to your account and is available for two weeks.