Seattle's high-speed internet project delayed due to money problems

Seattle residents may have to wait a while longer for high-speed fiber internet -- Gigabit Squared (the company developing the network) won't be able to deliver as promised. According to GeekWire, the city's fiber-to-the-home initiative is facing major issues securing financing, to the point that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is "very concerned it's not going to work." He says that he hasn't exactly given up on the private sector, but he'd campaign for the government to build its own network if he could. Unfortunately, he's stepping down next month, and it's up to his replacement to decide. The project was supposed to launch in select locations in early 2014, offering up to 1Gbps up and down for $80 per month. Gigabit has yet to make a statement, but we'll let you know if the project gets back on its feet -- or if Google Fiber decides to step in and pick up the slack.