Bit.Trip Runner2 sprints, hops, slides to Vita next week

The adorably addictive Bit.Trip pseudo-series of technicolor games is expanding again with word that the sequel to Bit.Trip Runner will make its Vita handheld debut on December 17.

Officially titled "Bit.Trip Presents ... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien," Runner2 is a game in which your character runs, constantly and with no regard for his or her personal safety. It's your job as the player to use a few simple maneuvers (jumping and sliding, for example) to ensure that your on-screen pal doesn't meet a grisly death by dashing off the side of a cliff or sprinting into something sharp. It's a simple formula, but as the cult success of Bit.Trip Runner and the console iterations of Runner2 demonstrate, it's also incredibly addictive.

The Vita version of Runner2 is said to be identical to its console counterparts, right down to its DLC offerings. The Good Friends Character Pack DLC (an addition that allows you to play as the protagonists of Psychonauts, Spelunky and other esoteric hits) will be available alongside Runner2 when it launches on December 17.

On debut, the game will set you back $10 on the PlayStation Network Store, while the DLC is priced at $3. PlayStation Plus subscribers can expect a discount on both, with the game being reduced to $8 and the DLC to $2.09.