Alliance for Wireless Power introduces Rezence as its consumer-friendly brand

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) was formed over a year ago to come up with a wireless charging solution that would allow for greater spatial freedom when charging your favorite gadgets. "A4WP" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue however, which is why the group today announced its consumer-facing brand, hereby known as Rezence. The release states that the name was derived from the words resonance and essence, which tells the tale of how the technology works -- that of non-radiative magnetic resonance -- and how it can be used to charge all kinds of devices, not just phones. Indeed, the alliance teased us that a major PC OEM has just got on board, and will reveal more about it at CES next month.

The logo, which is simply the letter Z with an electricity symbol running through the middle, will be used on all devices that have gone through A4WP certification. This way, consumers will know that any surface with the logo will play nice with a Rezence-compatible item. Geoff Gordon of Qualcomm, who's also A4WP's marketing committee chair, tells us that the introduction of the Rezence brand goes hand-in-hand with the certification program it's about to roll out by year's end. Indeed, they've just completed their third and final Plugfest, which is an event where electronics makers get together to ensure interoperability of a certain standard. While we're not sure just what devices will be incorporated with the Rezence technology -- that's up to the individual member companies to decide -- it seems we'll finally be able to see the fruits of A4WP's labor sooner rather than later. To find out more about Rezence and A4WP, go on and hit the source link below.