EA scores 100% in LGBT equality, named 'Best Place to Work' by HRC

Looking from the outside, EA might not be the Internet's favorite company. But on the inside, apparently not everything is doom, gloom and CEOs laughing maniacally while wringing their hands in cartoonishly evil delight. The company recently scored a 100 percent for workplace equality and was named one of the Best Places To Work for LGBT Equality in the US by the Human Rights Campaign.

So, what does it mean to score a 100 percent by the HRC? According to the organization's 2014 Corporate Equality Index, a company must: prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression, offer partner health or medical insurance; have parity across other "soft" benefits for partners, offer transgender-inclusive health insurance coverage; have firm-wide organizational competency programs, have an employer-supported employee resource group or firm-wide diversity council, and positively engage the external LGBT community.

It was that last criteria in which EA made the most headlines this year - the company participated in multiple Pride Parades, hosted Full Spectrum and was an official sponsor of GaymerX. This marks the second year in a row EA has earned a perfect score from the HRC.