$10,000 and a bout of madness nets you this gold-plated Xbox One

What does one get for the eccentric billionaire who has it all? A gold-plated Xbox One from famed retailer Harrods of London is a start, and it turns out that Harrods is selling just that in its London store right now. Of course, that kind of bespoke game console experience comes with a hefty price tag: £6,000 (around $9,800), or about £5,600 more than a standard Xbox One in the UK. But then, if you're already spending nearly $10K on your favorite eccentric billionaire, why not buy them this luxurious African safari hunting package? Or how about a trip to this underwater hotel? The world really is your play thing when money is no object, eh?

[Image credit: Reddit user 'SirSyhn']