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Now iOS users can control Google Glass remotely with MyGlass companion app (update)

For a while there, Google's Glass was really only for the Android population since the eyewear required compatible devices running the MyGlass app for activation and the full suite of features. Not so anymore, as the company's just released that companion app to Apple's App Store making it possible for iOS users to set up the device, manage contacts and Glassware apps, view texts, as well as remotely navigate with turn-by-turn directions right from their smartphones. You'll need to be running iOS 7, however, in order to run the app and take advantage of the screencasting possibilities. And before your itchy trigger finger hits download, heed Google's oft-repeated advice: "If you don't have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time." That's right from the mouth of Mountain View itself. Consider yourself warned.

Update: Looks like the MyGlass app has since been pulled. We've reached out to Apple for comment and will update once we hear back.

Update 2: Google's just released a statement on the situation, saying that MyGlass for iOS will once again be available on the App Store "later this week" and is part of the XE 12 Glass update.

Update 3: MyGlass is back! Snag it over at the App Store now.