Kindle for Android adds Collections to help organize your e-library

If you've bought quite a bundle of Kindle books for yourself, you might have a chore scrolling through the lot to find the one you want. Thankfully for Android users, you can now organize your reading material into Collections with a new Kindle app update. What goes into a certain Collection is entirely up to you -- you may group them by genre, type or whatever category strikes your fancy. As you're choosing which book goes where, you can filter them by author or title, and unlike your physical library, a single book can be assigned to multiple Collections. Just like your reading progress, those Collections can be synced across multiple devices as long as you're logged in. The Kindle update brings a number of other goodies to the table as well, like accessibility support for Android's Talkback and Explore By Touch features so you can flip a page simply by reading aloud and the ability to toggle publisher fonts on or off. You'll also now be prompted to offer a star rating for a book once you're done reading it. So if you're a die-hard Kindle fanatic with an Android device, snag the update and get to sorting your digital shelves.