Mujjo leather crochet touchscreen gloves keeps you hands looking good, warm this winter

Knitted touchscreen gloves have been around for a while now. I use a pair every winter so I can use my iPhone outside without my hands getting cold. Knitted touchscreen gloves at first seemed magical when they came out, but the engineering behind them is simple enough: Conductive threads are interwoven with the glove fibers to transmit the electrical signals from your skin to the iPhone's touchscreen.

Those that like leather gloves haven't had a whole lot of options, however. Leather touchscreen gloves are often limited to patches of conductive material in a few fingertips that look ridiculous. Well, no more! I've been trying out a pair of Mujjo's Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves and they bring the style back to using your iPhone with gloves on.

The leather part of Mujjo's gloves (the part that touches the iPhone's touchscreen) is made from Ethiopian lambskin, while the crochet top is made from Egyptian cotton. From outside appearances, these leather gloves look like normal high-quality leather gloves you'd find in any good department store. There are no visible signs in the form of the usual dots of conductive material on their fingertips. Instead, Mujjo has used nanotechnology to integrate the leather with conductive properties allowing them to be readable by the iPhone's touchscreen -- and they work marvelously.

Inside, the gloves are lined with cashmere, making them thick and warm on the hands. That's why it's so surprising the first time you put these gloves on and find they can actually control your iPhone. Just as with my regular knitted touchscreen gloves, the iPhone picked up virtually every tap I made with the leather Mujjo gloves on -- even when typing on iOS' tiny keyboard.

One word of warning, however: If you are thinking of ordering a pair of these, make sure you order a snug enough fit. If you order them too big, the space between your finger's skin and the interior of the gloves may be too wide to always pick up contact when you touch your screen. Beyond that point, however, the gloves make a great Christmas gift for you or your friends. They're snug, warm and stylish and let you keep using your iPhone even when the snow is falling outside.

Mujjo's Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves are €89.95 (about US$124.00) and can be ordered from the company's online store.