PointGrab will let you control devices and appliances by pointing at them

The future of motion and gesture control is quickly approaching, and a few companies are already working hard to make this kind of a tech not just a reality, but also practical for general consumers. One such company, Tel Aviv-based PointGrab, has maintained radio silence for nearly three and a half years while working on its next-generation product, and it looks like we're finally going to see it at CES next month. Back in 2010, the company began integrating some of its tech into a few specific laptop models, and involved holding the palm of your hand straight up in front of a 2D webcam. PointGrab's next effort, however, takes that concept and refines it so that all you have to do is point your finger at an electronic device or home appliance and mimic touchscreen gestures in order to get it to do your bidding.

The tech, PointGrab tells us, works by "using depth information to create a 'transparent space' in front of the user, enabling a 'touch-like' operation of devices, but from a distance." Below the break you'll find two YouTube videos detailing the ideas. The first one shows off PointSwitch, which focuses on various appliances around your home: for instance, you can do things like dim the lights, pull down your shades, adjust your air conditioning and lock/unlock your door. The second video is for AirTouch, which lets you interact with your computer monitors, HDTV and other consumer electronics. We're still waiting to try it out for ourselves and get more details at CES next month. PointGrab tells us that we can expect to see the new tech integrated with manufactured products sometime in early 2014.