Olloclip runs its 3-in-1 lens through the color machine for the iPhone 5c

Folks who bought an iPhone 5c because they honest to goodness love color probably won't settle for drab accessories. So, in order to suit these users' festive tastes, Olloclip jazzed up its popular 3-in-1 lens with hues to match Apple's lower-cost handsets. Similar to previous releases, this 3-in-1 comes with the brand's macro, fisheye and wide-angle lenses to take close-ups, 180-degree shots and pictures with twice the field of view, respectively. Unlike the iPhone 5/5s version, though, the iPhone 5c lens costs $10 less at $59.99 and comes in neon green, yellow, red, blue and, finally, white -- for the less adventurous. The accessory won't ship out until early January, but it's now available for pre-order from the company's website.