Some cool camera tricks in iOS 7's Panoramic mode

Apple originally introduced the ability to capture panoramic photos in iOS 6. In iOS 7, this feature was moved up to the big leagues, now occupying its own dedicated mode from within the Camera app.

While taking panoramic shots is a great way to capture photos like wide landscapes, here are a few camera tricks you can play with in panoramic mode that you may not already be familiar with.


One trick is to take a photo featuring the same person in different locations, all within the exact same shot. To do so, begin panning and once you've passed over your friend or family member (aka a willing test subject), have him or her run around behind you to another location, soon to be panned itself. The result is multiplicity and a fun photo result.

You can, of course, make it a tad more interesting by assuming the same pose in each shot. Also keep in mind that this trick works best without any moving objects (i.e., people, cars) in the background.

Vertical Panoramas

Another trick worth trying is a vertical panorama, otherwise known as a vertorama. You can do this by panning vertically instead of horizontally. To do so, your camera must be in landscape mode. The result is often an eye-catching photo.

Pan from right to left

By default, panoramic photos in iOS scan from left to right. You can easily take a panoramic photo in the opposite direction by tapping the large white arrow. This reverses the orientation and you're now good to go.