Massively's winter holidays MMO roundup

The holidays are here! That means the hustle and bustle of the season is in full swing, with gifts to get, treats to taste, deals to nab, and plenty of festivities to partake in -- and that's just in the MMOverse! Yes folks, there's a plethora of holiday celebrations out there -- so many, in fact, that it can be hard to keep track of them all, let alone participate to them!

If you're trying to catch everything in your favorite games, we're here to help. We've got a round up of the various winter celebrations across the gaming sphere all bundled together right here for you. If something catches your eye, hop in and join in the festivities!

Age of Wushu: Christmas Events

Enjoy three different events and lots of goodies this holiday season! A Holiday Gift Exchange (ends January 2nd at 12:59 a.m. EST) grants a daily gift to players who are logged in for 15 minutes or more. These gifts are filled with small items that can be collected and exchanged for special goodies! The Live Lore Raffle (December 24th through January 5th) lets players pick up a raffle ticket each day for a chance to win fabulous prizes. And during Workstation Overdrive (December 24th through the 29th), crafting time will be reduced by 70%.

Aion: Solorius

Don't shut your door on the holiday spirit -- decorate your home for Solorius! Then enter the Solorius Festival Housing Decoration Contest for a chance to win a Barbecued Tutty statue. The Wheel of Fortunerk also returns for the holiday season. (Ends January 2nd)

Allods Online: Holiday Sale

Besides watching the world fill with festive decorations, players can enjoy 25% off everything in the Boutique. (Ends January 2nd)

Anarchy Online: Winter Celebrations

Santaleet is back, giving out missions to all the good (and even the bad) players! Face aliens in Santaleet's wokshop, hunt winter leets to nab their gifts, help a gift-wrapped leet clean up its mess, and convince the Gingerleet you won't eat her and get a special holiday-themed gift. And don't forget the new Christmas tree dress! As a special gift, all players can claim a free Gift-wrapped Leet morph, and all members can claim a free gingerleet pet. (Ends January 2nd)

Arcane Legends: Tarlok's Wrath

Save the world from a wintery assault by the wizard Tarlok and his mind-controlled Ice Dragon through a host of quests and a new storyline. This update also includes pets, armor sets, bosses, crafting recipes, vanity clothing, and a new town.

Asheron's Call: The Holiday Rush

With the disappearance of Santa, players are needed to protect the gifts and help deliver them around Dereth. The tradition is to hide presents for friends! And don't forget to play in the snow. (Through December)

Battle Dragons: Legends of the Snow

Seasonal content includes nine new winter-themed campaign levels, two new present traps, and two new spells.

Battle Command!: The Frozen Tundra

A new single player campaign will see players enjoying nine new winter-themed campaign levels, two new present traps, and two SATCOM Orders.

Champions Online: Champions Winter event

Watch as Millennium city transforms into a winter wonderland (complete with presents all around the city and Santa under the tree on the 24th) and defeat Black Harlequin and destroy his diabolical plan of delivering deadly toys! This year, the Black Harlequin portion of the winter event is a special alert, allowing players to skip right to it and even complete it more than once per day! Also be on the lookout for a rampaging teddy bear world boss. (Ends December 30th at 10:00 a.m. EST)

Dark Age of Camelot: Midwinter

With a variety of quests (such as Trinkets for Tots and The Midwinter Tree series), presents to receive from Santa Nicholas and Jack Frost, and holiday decorating for your home, there's plenty to do in the Realms. (Ends January 7th)


Get the game for only $13.50 -- that's 66% off -- during the holiday sale! (Ends January 2nd)

DC Universe Online

Former subscribers have the gift of free Legendary membership until January 15th, but everyone can take advantage of a holiday half-off sale where most items in the marketplace are 50% cheaper! (Ends December 23rd)

Dragon's Prophet: Silver Dragon Festival

Logging in every day until December 25th will net players a special daily reward. And the Silver Dragon Festival starts soon!

EVE Online: Icelandic Yule lads

The Yule Lads are an ancient Icelandic tradition. Receive a gift from them each day you log in until December 25th.

EverQuest: Frostfell

This Frostfell, enjoy a special gift: a weekend of double experience (running December 20th through the 22nd). Players can take advantage of The Twelve Days of Holiday Cheer, which offers a new Marketplace deal every day until December 25th.

EverQuest II: Frostfell

The annual celebration adds new quests, new Santa Glug presents (log in daily to get yours!), new recipes, new achievements, and all new Frostfell items to the already full compliment of holiday festivities. Gather snowballs and fruitcakes to toss at friends and collect special crafting materials. But above all, be sure not to miss the all-new, revamped Frostfell Winter Wonderland, where you can now use flying mounts. (Ends January 9th)

Forsaken World

Collect holiday badges to be spent at a Christmas shop, and search for presents hiding under trees. (Ends January 5th)

Final Fantasy XIV: The Starlight Celebration

Speak to Starlight Celebrants in the three City-States to obtain special event rewards, like snowman and reindeer suits! (Ends December 31st at 9:59 a.m. EDT)

Guild Wars 2: Wintersday

An annual celebration including snowball fights, a bell choir challenge, a winterwonderland jumping puzzle, and Toypocolypse! head to Toymaker Tixx's workshops and save the toymaking machine form the haywire toys. (Available through January 21st)

Jade Dynasty

Take advantage of triple XP on both Christmas Day and New Year's. In the meantime, enjoy a special Christmas instance and fend off a fishmen invasion.

League of Legends: Snowdown

Battle it out with friends and foes alike in the new holiday-themed game mode, complete with festive skins and weapons. The Howling Abyss is open for 1v1 and 2v2 battles. (Ends January 2nd)

Lineage 2: Wintermelon Wonderland Event

Collect nectar to trade in to Santa for watermelon seeds. After your watermelon is fully grown, smash it to collect rewards. You might even find a missing snowman inside. Don't forget to collect snowballs as well to trade in for prizes. The Aden Prize Wheel also returned. (Ends January 1st, with event NPC staying until January 8th)

Lord of the Rings Online: Yule Festival

Middle-earth is rife with holiday festivities, from a theatre event with a seasonal show to a Winter-home eating contest. Step into the arena for snowball duels and help aid others in a returning quest with alternate endings. A new Winger festival Mount is also available (Ends January 14th)

Neverwinter: Winter Festival

Players can participate in a variety of holiday events, including (but not limited to) slalom races around lake Glorfindar, ice fishing, and star gazing. Fight various ice monsters on a frozen lake and collect Lights of Simril and Stars of Fortune to trade for prizes. Want a sleigh mount or a frost mimic companion? They are available only for a limited time. (Ends January 9th at 1:00 p.m. EST)

Perfect World International: Holiday Events

Want to use a Penguin Missile Launcher? You've got it! Also take part in the Present Delivery Race (ends January 30th),slay snowmen for special gifts, and face the living snowmen, the Yetis (both ending January 7th). Enjoy double XP on both Christmas and New Year's Day. And don't forget the Skyflame Festival (December 30th at 1:00 p.m. EST) and the New Year's Cleave (December 31st at 1:00 p.m. EST).

PlanetSide 2

Daily deals are available throughout the holidays, from whole categories of items going for 50% off to a single item being offered for 1 SC for members and 99 SC for non-members. (Ends January 1st)

Pocket Legends: The High Winter Festival

In addition to collecting holiday surprises, players can participate in seasonal quests and battle arenas while gathering special holiday-only loot.


Christmas returns, and players can collect festive Christmas clothing, exchange cards, and help save the holiday from a dastardly thief. And don't miss out on the chance to ride Rudolf!

RIFT: Fae Yule

Collect six new artifact sets, tour holiday Dimensions, find and reclaim the gifts scattered by the Fae, and much more during this year's celebration. Did we mention that bosses might drop an extra loot chest? (Ends January 9th)

Runes of Magic: Snowflake Festival

Searching for reindeer, deliver gifts, and sled down a snowy mountain as the world gets frosty this holiday season.

RuneScape: Up to Snow Good

The demonic San'tar Klaws has locked Santa in a cage, and players must decide the fate of Christmas. Earn naughty or nice points at the fair and trade them in for holiday rewards.

Spiral Knights: Winterfest

Collect some nifty cold-weather outfits from the Polar Prize boxes, craft some holiday-themed weapon, and complete a new prestige mission to save Winterfest from the Grinchlin Assault!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Life Day

Get into the spirit of Life Day with snowball fights, fireworks, and festive sleigh mount. Don't feel guilty about pelting your fellow players -- each snowball you throw has a chance to reward you with a gift! (Ends January 1st at 5:00 a.m. EST)

TERA: Wintera

What's more wintery than a 10v10 Winter Snowfield arena where the weapons are all snowballs? Pelt other players with iceballs, snowballs, and slushballs in this special arena. (Ends January 2nd)

The Secret World: A Mother of a Season

Forget jolly elves and brightly colored toys, this celebration is ruled by the devilish Krampus, and he leaves gift packages that contain second-hand or stained clothing. Collect new lore and themed loot. Players can also relive the End of Days event. (Ends January 2nd)

War of Immortals

Collect presents, meet Santa Claus, and even earn limited time rewards such as the Snowgang Pet, the Christmas Sled, and Christmas Fashions during the yuletide events. (Ends December 26th)

World of Warcraft: The Feast of Winter Veil

Open stolen presents, collect the new Rotten Little Helper battle pet, stock up on fruitcake, and nab the new achievements as well as buy last's years Winter Veil presents. (Ends January 2nd)

Wurm Online: Christmas

A very Wurm Chrustmas is coming! (Starts December 23rd at 12:00 pm.m EST)

If you don't see your game's special holiday listed here, let us know. Share anything we've missed (and include a link!) in the comments below.