Get some holiday snow on your computer screen

It's the holidays, in case you hadn't noticed. You've decorated the tree, hung some lights outside and probably have some LED-flashing snowmen somewhere around the house.

So how about that Mac? Here's a look at some free and inexpensive apps that will give your monitor that holiday glow.

  • Let it Snow (U.S. $0.99). A really nice simulation of snowfall with a real physics engine and gusts of wind. Looks great with the right desktop picture.

  • LotsaSnow (Free) This is a free screensaver that makes every snowflake unique, just like real life. The screensaver uses a bit of processing power according to the developer, but that's the price for all those unique snowflakes.

  • Live Wall- Holiday Season ($0.99) More than 50 holiday-themed animated wallpapers for your Mac desktop.

  • Tired of snow? Try NightLights Desktop ($0.99). This Mac app will put Christmas lights on the edges of your screen. You can make them blink and control the sequence.

  • For iOS there are some snowy options, but due to the way iOS devices work you can't get animated snow on your home screen. Snowflakes for iPhone or iPad creates detailed and non-repeating snowflakes in the app itself. There is an almost infinite variety of shapes and colors.

  • A little off topic, but a fun app is Snowman maker salon (free). Strictly for kids, build a snowman right on your iPhone or iPad screen.

  • Another cool app is Live Christmas Tree (free). It gives you a twinkling tree on your screen. You can also capture the image and use it for wallpaper, but it won't twinkle.

  • Zen of Snow Lite (free) These are some really relaxing holiday scenes. Shake your iPhone or iPad and like a snow globe you get motion.