Wikipedia adds Draft feature to ease pressure on article writers

Here's a Wikipedia stat you probably didn't know: around 80 percent of new contributions to the crowdsourced encyclopedia are abandoned before they're submitted. The organization thinks a lot of writers get cold feet because, since its creation, Wikipedia has deliberately prevented them from being able to save their articles without publishing them: you either went public or you went home. That's changing now, as the site has decided to implement a Draft mode that allows work to be saved while still remaining invisible to most search queries. The site's designers acknowledge that the feature is pretty basic right now, but they promise it'll be refined over time to allow for collaboration on articles that are still in the draft state. The addition of tools like these make sense given that Wikipedia's legion of volunteer contributors is reportedly shrinking, leaving its pages more vulnerable to the influence of iffy PR firms, but the organization says it has simply "matured" to the point where it can afford to be more flexible about how new content is created.