Mr. Postman launches smart mailbox Kickstarter campaign

All right, all right, Mr. Postman really missed the 2013 holiday season, launching its Kickstarter campaign on Christmas Day. But hey, hopefully this means that the Insert Coin: New Challengers semi-finalist will have all of the bugs worked out well in advance of next year's package-mailing scrum. And hey, now that you're flush with cash from grandma, perhaps you'd consider supporting the solar-powered, WiFi-enabled mailbox you unlock with your smartphone. The Mr. Postman app works along with the smart mailbox, letting you know when new packages have arrived and when outgoing mail has been picked up. Get in now and a pledge of $180 will get you the mailbox, set to be delivered this summer -- to your curb, we assume, seeing as how your mailbox hasn't actually arrived yet.