Notch: 'No current plans' for Minecraft on Wii U

Minecraft developer Mojang has been building bridges to all kinds of platforms for ports of its build-what-you-want hit, but we think we've all been wondering the same thing - when will we be able to construct pixel art of classic gaming sprites using the Wii U GamePad? Judging by Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson's recent tweet stating he was not "aware of any plans" for a Wii U version, the answer is probably not any time soon.

Notch acknowledged that a Wii U version of Minecraft "would make sense," but explained that the "only reason for no current plans is [Mojang has] too much work already."

While it is a denial of any progress being made on a Wii U port, it's a bit more promising than Minecraft Lead Designer Jens Bergensten's comment in March about a Wii U version being "very unlikely." Maybe when Mojang finds some downtime, though with work still being done on Scrolls and Minecraft Realms, downtime seems like a distant concept for the studio at the moment.