The man behind NYT Magazine's gorgeous covers is headed to Apple

You may not know the name Arem Duplessis, but you've no doubt seen his work on the cover of The New York Times Magazine in the past 10 years. As design director at NYT Mag, he crafted some of the most stunning work in the publication's history -- examples seen above -- and he's just been hired away from his decade-long post. And that's what's especially interesting: he's heading to Apple as a creative director.

In a brief interview with Mediabistro, Duplessis says part of what he'll do at Apple is assist the internal marketing team (the folks responsible for evangelizing to Apple employees on the company's own products). No doubt those internal memos will have extra attention to alignment and contrasting colors! The ambiguity of his title means he'll also have other responsibilities, and we're gonna go all the way crazy and wager that Apple wouldn't waste Duplessis' eye for design solely on internal marketing.

[Image credit: Cover Junkie]