Microsoft reportedly talking to Sony about Windows Phone launch in 2014

Microsoft only has a few key Windows Phone partners under its belt, but it may be expanding the ecosystem very shortly -- The Information hears from sources that Redmond is once again in talks to launch a Sony-made Windows Phone. While there's no guarantee of a deal, the partnership could introduce a handset as soon as mid-2014. The device may even carry the VAIO badge, and it could serve as a vehicle for Sony's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services. Even if the discussions fall apart, Microsoft may have more hardware manufacturers lined up. Tipsters claim that the company wants to renew ZTE's interest in Windows Phone, and it could be willing to cut or even waive the OS licensing fees that frequently drive potential allies toward Android. Neither side has confirmed the talks, and Sony will only say that it "continues to assess" Windows when it's relevant. Still, there's now a chance that the Xperia X2 will finally get a sequel.