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OLPC XO-4 to sell starting at $206, production commencing March


We were told we wouldn't be hearing any pricing or availability information about the OLPC XO-4 until later in the week, but it didn't take the One Laptop Per Child folks too long to let us know a little more about their gameplan. Just a short while ago, OLPC let us know that its recently announced XO-4 kid-friendly laptop will sell for $206 per unit with a minimum purchase of 10,000 units, while pricing is said to be lowered with a greater volume order. Additionally, the company noted that it's planning on meeting its own expectations and starting mass production in March, which should be more than enough time for interested parties to start figuring out just how many OLPC XO-4 orders they will be placing. Oh, and in case you're interested, we also got some hands-on video earlier today -- you can check that out right after the break.

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Jamie Rigg contributed to this report.

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