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OLPC XO-4 debuts at CES, launch details coming this week (hands-on)

OLPC XO-4 debuts at CES, launch details coming this week (hands-on)
Alexis Santos
Alexis Santos|January 6, 2013 11:23 PM

Details of OLPC XO-4's release and price won't be revealed until later this week, according to Marvell, but the company was happy to let this editor smudge the laptop with his fingerprints. It's not the fastest machine imaginable, but it switched between screens and loaded content snappily with its Marvell-made 1.2Ghz dual-core ARM processor. A slight hint of choppiness appears when scrolling through lists, but the hardware is definitely useable and doesn't aggravate. The unit on display didn't have an internet connection, but Marvell was happy to point out that their hardware provides the laptop support for 802.11n, as opposed to only 802.11b/g.

The pint-sized laptop isn't the sleekest or most compact device we've laid hands on, but it feels sturdy enough to survive abuse thrown its way from drops and temper tantrums. Its infrared touchscreen -- which is optimized for small fingers -- can be used in conjunction with the small keyboard, or swiveled around and laid on its back to transform the device into a chunky tablet. Odds are that fully grown hands won't be comfortable with the kid-friendly keyboard. The OLPC 4.0 performed admirably during our brief stint with it, but you can look forward to more impressions when we eventually put it through our review gauntlet. In the meantime, hit the neighboring gallery for hands-on shots of the machine.

Update: There's now a video after the break for your viewing pleasure, so go on past the jump to see more of what the kid-friendly laptop is all about.

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Edgar Alvarez and Jamie Rigg contributed to this report.

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OLPC XO-4 debuts at CES, launch details coming this week (hands-on)