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PS Vita app attack: Friend Network and Imaginstruments this spring


Sony is preparing to localize a pair of PS Vita apps in North America this spring, Friend Network and Imaginstruments. Friend Network has been available in Japan as a free download for some time now – it's a social networking app starring PlayStation mascot Toro where players aim to recruit friends into their friend army.

Imaginstruments – a free app from Europe – turns PS Vita users into amateur musicians. Through the app, you can compose original numbers and save them to the PS Vita memory card. It looks similar to the Korg DS-10.

Pricing isn't mentioned in the announcement post over on the PlayStation Blog, but we can't imagine Sony wouldn't offer both of these for free, just as in their native territories. Still, the company is financing a new console right now and could use the cash.

Head past the break for some footage of each app.

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