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Xbox One gamepad goes into low power sleep mode during movies, when you step away


The Xbox One controller isn't full of new bells and whistles, but it does have a few new tricks up its sleeves. The new gamepad can apparently go into a low power sleep mode, "if you're watching a movie or need to step away from the TV," according to a feature at Microsoft's official Xbox site. The controller will then re-awaken "the moment" it's picked up, the piece claims, and won't require resynchronization.

Aside from this new feature, the controller will apparently feature a the micro USB we've seen on prototypes in its finished form, so that it can be plugged in and used without batteries should the need arise (though with only one USB plug anywhere near the front of the console, it's not the most reliable solution for multiple people). This is in addition to the revamped thumbsticks and so-called "impulse triggers," as well as the more depressed battery compartment. For the full run down, check out our intro piece right here, and head through the source link below for more from Microsoft directly.

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