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BT Infinity customers to get 320Mbps top speed, 802.11ac HomeHub 5 by end of the year

Sharif Sakr

The BT HomeHub 4 router has barely had time to settle in, and yet already a prototype of its replacement is being callously shown off at PR events in London. It'll support the still-maturing 802.11ac standard, should you come to own any compatible devices, and is to become the default router shipped to new Infinity fiber customers -- we're just not sure exactly when, as BT execs have only indicated that it'll be towards the end of the year. Equally exciting (and equally imprecise) is a second promise that the current 160Mbps max speed on the top-end Infinity plan will be increased to 320Mbps, at a cost of £50 per month. Though the new service tier and Home Hub may be slow in coming, they'll at least be fast once they get here.

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